Group Leader Application

Note: submitting a Group Leader application is not registering for new user account

Enrolling your cleaning staff with Agar is fast and easy! Just create an account, fill out the Group Leader Application form below, and you’re all set. Our courses are free, so take advantage of this opportunity to see their grades and certificates.

Please allow 1-2 business days for the setup to be completed. A member of our team will contact you once it is ready.

What is a Group Leader?
A Group Leader is an online training administration account that helps you manage the learning progress of your cleaners. If you are managing multiple sites, we can create a new group per site for you to enroll your cleaners, as well as request a co-Group Leader to assist you with managing your groups – just reach out to us via the contact form and let us know what you need!

Apply to be a Group Leader

    Please let us know which area / branch you need to be a group leader of for your company if there are multiple areas / branches.

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