Never Mix Chemicals

At Agar, we have created over 200 different products to cover every possible cleaning task, so there is absolutely no need to mix chemicals. Each product at Agar is carefully designed to work effectively at the prescribed dilution and be safe to use.

If you mix chemicals, you just don’t know what you will get – you may create an inferior mixture, get a dangerous reaction or even accidentally produce a toxic gas.

For example, mixing chemicals may neutralise each other’s active ingredients, and the product(s) will no longer work as advertised. On the other hand, the chemical mixture could be too strong and damage your surfaces.

Adding detergents to a disinfectant may render the germ-killing ingredients useless, or mixing bleach with an acidic product (like Agar’s BOWL CLEAN, for example) will create poisonous chlorine gas.

Lastly, when mixing chemicals, you will have no Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to cover the mixture, and thus the risks are unknown and could potentially be dangerous to use!

Remember, mixing chemicals is never recommended. Always follow the instructions of the product given by the manufacturer and check with your supervisor if there are any questions.

An SDS is available for each Agar product via our website at: