1.2 Good Practice

It is important to follow instructions carefully and employ good practices when applying floor sealer and finish. This will help to achieve the best appearance including high gloss and clarity, and durability over an extended period.

Taking short cuts, such as not allowing enough drying time after coats, can lead to a range of problems with the sealer film. In the worst cases, to rectify the situation it may require another strip and seal process which is an unwelcome expense and inconvenience.

Finally, thorough maintenance will be needed to get the best appearance and life span from the sealer coating. Clean the sealed floor daily to remove dust and soil is vital. Buff the finish regularly to harden the coating and remove scuffs and scratches.

Periodic stripping and re-coating will remove any embedded soil and replace sealer that has been worn off. A great sealer application begins with thorough floor preparation.

Remember: See our Floor Stripping module for more information.