1.5 Apply Top Sealer Using Polish Mop

  • Mop on 3 coats of 3D-GLOSS, allowing each coat to dry before laying the next. Keep 30cm from edges, except for the last coat which should go up to the edges.
  • Give the floor six hours or more to cure, then buff the floor with white pads (on ultrahigh speed buffer) or tan pads (on medium-speed buffer).
  • Clean mops, pads and buckets with hot water and hang them up to dry. If fringes are to be used again soon, place them in a clean black garbage bag and seal the end so the fringe will stay wet until next time it is used.
  • After 1-2 weeks, the floor can be buffed with Jackeroo Lite, Gorilla Lite or Combo Burnishing pads.
  • After 1 week, scrub the floor with NOVADET before laying additional coats at 1 in 80 (no stronger or it will impact the 3D-GLOSS) with red pads, rinse and let dry. Then apply 2 more coats of topcoat (3D-GLOSS). Next day, resume normal maintenance but use the softer Jaguar, Blue Ice or Champagne pads for buffing for 1 more week.