1.6 Collection & Rinsing


  • Make sure all old film has been removed
  • Test floor by wiping slurry aside and scraping with a coin to see if all old sealer has been removed. If not, keep scrubbing, and if needed, spread more stripper solution.
  • Pick up the stripper slurry off the floor with a mop or wet vacuum.
  • DO NOT let it dry on the floor. If it does, pour HOT water on area and scrub with black pad.
  • Dispose of slurry and rinse solutions to sewer.
  • NEVER allow waste solutions to flow into storm water or natural waterways.


  1. Once all of the old film has been dissolved, flood floor with clean HOT water. Don’t let water go under doors or onto carpets. If pH test needed, add NEUTRALISER at this stage at 1 in 200.
  2. Mop water over floor to break down stripper/film residues.
  3. Wet vacuum or mop up the rinse water.
  4. Rinse again with mop or auto-scrubber and clean hot water.
  5. Let floor dry. Check that all old sealer has been removed.