1.6 Lay, Soak & Agitate

Prepare stripper solution:

First add cold water to wringer bucket (approx 12 litres)
Then add stripper at 1:10 (1¼ litres (5 cups) to 12 litres of water)

For thick coatings use 1 in 5 solution depending on product, always read instructions.

If stripping a large area divide floor into sections and strip one section at a time.

Dip stripper mop into solution, then remove without wringing and let stripper pour over floor. Repeat process until entire area is well covered.

Leave stripper on floor for ten minutes, giving it time to attack the sealer.


If the solution dries the floor will need to be stripped again – always keep the floor evenly wet.

During this time, scrub edges, feet of shelves and fittings to remove old sealer and dirt.

When time is up, scrub whole floor using black stripping pads.

If using autoscrubber, turn vacuum off.

If an electric machine is used, then start at the point nearest to the power point.

Spend longer scrubbing edges where sealer is thicker.