1.8 Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances

Pictured above is a Dangerous Goods and Combustible Liquids Segregation Chart. It shows storage and transporting advice for different Dangerous Goods (DG) classes.

Dangerous goods are dangerous to store or transport. They have class numbers that refer to the kind of risk or danger.

Flammable Liquids Class 3, Toxic Substances Class 6, Corrosives Substances Class 8, Oxidising Agents Class 5.

The Dangerous Goods Act tells you how to STORE and TRANSPORT these products. E.g. Separation distances, fire extinguishers, and bunding.

Hazardous substances are hazardous to work with and they are classed as HAZARDOUS in the SDS

Substances that are: Irritant, Harmful, Corrosive, and Toxic.

The Occupational Health & Safety Act tells you how to work with these products safely. E.g. PPE, first aid, health risks, and safety directions.