1.8 Note

  • FIRST BASE must be used to seal marble and terrazzo so the film will bond and not flake off.
  • Applying MASTERPIECE as a base coat to vinyl will increase the durability of the sealer film.
  • DURO is designed for long life and high gloss.
  • 3D-GLOSS is designed for very high gloss.
  • Avoid sealing very cold floors (below 9˚C). If you must seal a cold floor, lay very thin coats at least one hour apart.
  • Always allow the recommended drying time, or more.


  • Coverage: On average, one litre of sealer will cover 55m² (one coat only). The first coat will require more sealer, and the last coats will require less. Porous floors will require more sealer.
  • Only lay the first and last coat right up to the edges.
  • SUPERNOVA is formulated so it stays shiny without buffing for long periods