2.11 No.10 – Carpet Spot Cleaners

For typical spills on the carpet:

  • Make sure the chemical is diluted to the correct ratio with water
  • Absorb any excess liquid before cleaning
  • Vacuum all dry soil before cleaning
  • Apply small amounts of the spotter and blot the stained area.
  • Do not over-wet the carpet as this may leave ring marks
  • Do not rub or brush the pile as this may result in unsightly fuzzing or other distortion
  • Work from the outer edge toward the centre of the stain
  • Allow the spotter plenty of time to react with the staining material
  • “Feather” around the area by dabbing the edges more lightly than the centre
  • After the spotter chemical has released the stain it must be removed from the carpet by absorbing it into a cloth or absorbent paper. Then the area should be rinsed with clean water.