2.4 No.3 – Disinfectants & Antibacterial Cleaners

The primary purpose of this category is to kill or control germs. Some products also kill viruses. Use for cleaning, deodorising, and sanitising touchpoints (e.g., handles, taps) hard surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens, showers, toilets, and basins. Some of the most commonly used products from this category are LEMON, TANGO, and KURANDA.

Disinfectants are made for killing germs however they can only kill germs if the disinfectant solution is:

  • Prepared at the correct dilution rate; and
  • Stays wet on the surface for the appropriate contact time stated on the label

While it can be done, it is not recommended to clean floors with disinfectants. The active ingredients are sticky and can leave a residue that will attract dirt making the floor dirty again more quickly. Use Agar’s categories 1 or 7 depending on your needs.