2.5 No.4 – Toilet & Washroom Cleaners

Use for cleaning toilets, urinals, showers, baths, basins, fittings, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, and porcelain (except marble and terrazzo). Some of the most commonly used products from this category are BOWL CLEAN, FRESCO, SEQUAL, and SHOWER STAR.

Diluting Washroom Cleaners
BOWL CLEAN and SEQUAL are used neat (not diluted).
FRESCO and SHOWER STAR should be diluted prior to use according to their instructions.

The toilet cleaners in this category are acid-based. This means they can damage marble or terrazzo, and must not be used on these surfaces.

Caution: Never mix chemicals in any way.
Never mix any dark blue No.4 Toilet & Washroom Cleaners with BLEACH or CHLORADET. This mixture will create chlorine gas (mustard gas) which is poisonous.