2.8 No.7 – Heavy Duty Detergents

Use for tough cleaning tasks such as cleaning and degreasing unsealed floors, machinery, driveways, ceramic tiles, ovens, BBQs, kitchens and abattoirs, and workshop and kitchen floors.

Some of the most commonly used products from this category are DIRT-OFF, HF DETERGENT, SPEED, SHIFTER, VANTAGE, and PRESTO.

Make sure you know the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) required before using these products. This can be found on the product label or the safety data sheet (SDS). Several of these products are Corrosive Class 8 Dangerous Goods (DG).

Check with your supervisor before using a heavy-duty detergent for a task for the first time. These detergents are concentrated and are intended to be diluted with water. Dilution rates vary according to product, application, and the amount and type of soil.