1.4 Preparation & Sealing

First make sure all old polish, build-ups, wax and dirt has been removed.
Then let the floor completely dry.

Buffing Before Sealing:

  • DO NOT buff marble, terrazzo & limestone floors
  • You may buff vinyl floors, but ths is not really necessary

Applying Base Coat:

  • Mop on one coat of base coat. A clean polish mop and wringer bucket is best, or for larger areas use a clean applicator mop and watering can
  • Techniques for laying sealer will be discussed later
  • Allow plenty of time for the first coat to dry. It must be dry and tack free before laying the second coat Test by touching with your hand. (FIRST BASE requires one hour per coat for drying.)
  • If needed mop on second coat of BASE COAT, staying 20cm (8 inches) away from edges, along walls and furniture. The second coat, if applied with the bucket and mop, should be laid at 90 degrees to the way the first coat was laid
  • Again, let the BASE COAT dry until it is not sticky to touch